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Save time, improve accuracy, and decrease denials with efficient registration and scheduling

Appointment scheduling and registration are crucial, early steps of your revenue cycle. Your practice management system should fully integrate registration and scheduling—allowing you to automate eligibility verification, customize scheduling functionality, optimize utilization of appointment times, and offer patient self-scheduling.

Benefits of registration and scheduling solutions
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Run a leaner, more effective organization
With NextGen Enterprise PM, you can automate many routine tasks, including eligibility verification. Maximize efficiency with centralized, customizable appointment scheduling. Fully integrate registration and scheduling with the rest of your workflow, including billing, claims processing, and reporting.
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Fully automate RTS eligibility verification
远程事务服务器(RTS)与payer systems via online access and allows you to validate patient benefit eligibility, determine coverage, and estimate patient responsibility. With NextGen Enterprise PM, RTS eligibility verification can be fully automated and scheduled at your convenience.
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Customize scheduling for your unique needs
Customize your appointment scheduling tools to meet the needs of your practice and patients. NextGen Healthcare provides customizable color-coded scheduling templates, adjustable time increments, patient group scheduling, multi-view templates for viewing multiple resources on one screen, real-time wait-listing, and more.
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Integrate registration and scheduling with your workflow
A PM system and EHR that integrates patient registration with the rest of your workflow tracks patient demographic and eligibility information—from appointment scheduling to care delivery to billing and collections. This increases the likelihood of claims accuracy and payment.
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Manage authorizations more efficiently
Patient access solutions from NextGen Healthcare enable your staff to easily identify when authorizations are needed, automate authorization requests to payers, and quickly find out the status of an authorization on file with a payer.
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Enable convenient patient self-scheduling
NextGen Patient Self-Scheduling lets people set up their own appointments online, guiding them step-by-step. Your practice controls the appointment types available. This provides convenient and flexible access to care, saves your staff time, and fully integrates with NextGen Enterprise PM.


How to strengthen registration and scheduling

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Insurance eligibility verification
A significant portion of denied claims are due to noncovered services or coverage limitations. Verifying coverage before providing services is vital for preventing denied claims.
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When the patient registers and identifies their insurance provider, pinpoint the exact plan. Be proactive—let patients know up front which services are not covered.
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Integrated practice management
Your practice management system should support efficient registration and appointment scheduling. NextGen Enterprise PM streamlines your workflow with cutting-edge functionality for registration and scheduling.
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Patient self-scheduling
Save office staff time by offering self-scheduling as a part of your patient portal. Scheduling information should connect directly to your practice management system.
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Optimize appointment utilization
Use operational analytics to determine if appointment times are optimally utilized. Determine whether there are specific days or times that can be more proactively booked.
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Automated appointment reminders
Your EHR and appointment-scheduling technology integrates with automated outreach tools. Schedule appointment reminders using text alerts, emails, or voice messages based on patient preference.

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