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An integrated billing solution for your medical practice

To ensure physicians are paid for their services and patients receive the correct amount of insurance coverage, your practice must manage its billing effectively. Medical practice billing is the backbone of the revenue cycle and crucial to financial well-being.

Benefits of NextGen Healthcare billing solutions
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Run a leaner, more effective organization
With the right billing software, you can automate reports and statements; billing; claims; collection and recall letter generation; eligibility and claim status requests, and more. This will make a huge difference in financial viability and long-term success of your practice.
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More payment from insurers and patients
Every year practices lose revenue by failing to collect total payment for services. Boost revenue from both third-party payers and patients with support from our technology tools—such as claims editing, a rules engine, a cost-estimator, self-pay solutions, and more.
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Prevent denials
Tools such as claims scrubbing technology, in-line edits, and a rules engine analyze charges and claims and automate edits, significantly increasing the percentage of clean claims. Clean claims help prevent denials which equals an accelerated cash flow and more revenue.
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Collect patient payments more easily
Our cost estimator makes it easier to collect patient payment upfront. Flexible, online payment options lower barriers to capture revenue and speed up collections. An easy-to-use portal increases patient engagement and gives you a user-friendly way to communicate with patients.
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Save time by automating billing processes
Automate billing processes, such as statement generation, billing and claims generation, eligibility checks, and more. Schedule tasks for overnight completion or any other convenient time. Put billing processes on a continuous, automatic cycle.
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Implement a charge review rules engine
This solution allows you to automate comparison of your charges against standards set by Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers. Before import of charges from the EHR into the PM system, it applies millions of coding rules to ensure billing accuracy.

How to strengthen your practice’s medical billing processes

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Payer mix
Understanding your payer mix helps pinpoint each patient’s plan and determine insurance eligibility. Tell patients upfront which services are covered. Know which insurers require preauthorization.
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An integrated platform
Your EHR and PM system should operate as one unified platform. Billing, coding, and payment management should work seamlessly with all your health IT solutions.
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Clean claims technology
Claims scrubbing and editing tools help ensure claims are billed at the contracted amount, coded accurately, processed quickly, and free of errors that can cause denials.
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Automated outreach
Take advantage of automated outreach solutions integrated with your EHR. Schedule payment reminders using texts, emails, or voice messages according to patient preference.
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Practice Management and Medical Billing Guide
Boost practice efficiency, enhance patient convenience, and optimize practice revenue with help from this guide. Gain insights into best practices and learn how to strengthen your revenue cycle with a better approach to billing.
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Benefits of a Patient Pay Strategy
More and more balances fall to patient deductibles, leaving less of what's owed to be paid by insurance. Your approach to billing should include an effective patient pay strategy. Learn how to optimize payments from those served by your practice.
Maximize revenue with tools to track and follow up on appeals and resubmissions.
Rediscovered success for Vision Care of Maine
See how Vision Care of Maine learned just how important practice management from NextGen Healthcare is to meeting their billing needs.
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By adopting NextGen Healthcare, we started immediately billing so much cleaner. With the edits in place, the turnaround time was much faster. Within one year, our days in AR dropped to, on average, 13 and has stayed there for almost three years now.

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The results speak for themselves

Our award-winning healthcare IT solutions become better each year thanks to the tireless efforts and ingenuity of our diverse team and insightful feedback from medical practices like yours.
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